gerholdportraitMel Gerhold was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Mel is a graduate of the Maryland Institute of Fine Arts. While there, he studied under Jacques Maroger, formerly of the Louvre in Paris. In the early 1970’s, Mel moved West to be closer to the focus of his work. His passion has always been the early West, set during the 1800’s, Mel’s primary topics for his work deals with the working Cowboy and the Native American Indian.

Mel now lives outside beautiful Buffalo, Wyoming.

His work is mostly oils, but he also sculpts and does drawings in pencil, pen, and ink. He does not work from photographs, except on rare occasions when it is necessary for reference. He does not want his work to be influenced by a photo. Mel would rather depend on his art ability and knowledge of the subject matter, nor does he wish art to be reminiscent of any other artist.

According to Mel, he paints for himself, except on those occasions when he does special commissions for his clients and is honored when his work pleases others. Mel’s art has received many awards throughout the country. One award he is proud of is the Artist Choice Award at the Spirit of the Great Plains exhibit at MONA in Kearney, Nebraska. His work is in many permanent collections.

His art is also in many private collections in the United States and abroad. His work has appeared in various publication such as Art of the West, Western Horseman, Wild West, and American Civil War magazines, as well as Leanin’ Tree cards and calendars published by The Cowboy Artist and Amerikus Insurance Company.